Rubber Granulate

In addition to Equestrian Rubber Kingpin Tyres also produce Rubber Granulate.

The process to produce Granulate is similar to that of Equestrian Rubber; the tyres are passed through a primary and secondary shredder where the granulation process progressively reduces the feedstock down to smaller particles. The product then passes through a screen which separates the material into the desired grades.

We produce two grades 0520 – which is 0.5-2mm in size and 2060 – which is 2mm-6mm in size.

The end product is used mainly in the gardening industry, for drainage and in particular for lawn care. The granulate is sprinkled over and brushed in. The addition of rubber granulate helps create a much more open soil structure allowing roots to develop, also, when pressure is applied to the surface, the compaction and expansion of the granulate distributes nutrients around the roots and draws fresh air and nutrients into the soil. Any rubber that remains on the surface will eventually be drawn down into the root structure where it will help improve aeration.


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